A new brand called “Tap Water” has been launched by Takayuki Minami & Daishi Nishino. Two types of pants based on personal belongings are now available.

2 years ago

It’s perhaps needless to say in the age of global SNS connectivity, but it’s certainly a tool that is quite popular in the fashion and outdoor industry. As a result, the private lives of the brand’s creators, who had perhaps been mysterious up until now, have become much more open.

Of particular interest are the personal items that they love, especially as they have a deep knowledge of fashion and the outdoors. It’s a shame that those items behind what they’re making move their index fingers more than the brand’s new ones.

Mr. Takayuki Minami, a creative director who works with FreshService, and Mr. Otsuka Nishino, a director of NISHINOYA who handles a pants specialty brand called NEAT, will introduce a new brand together called TapWater.

With the theme of rummaging through their own wardrobes on a daily basis and reorganizing the items that take their fancy them with modern materials and approaches, they will release two pants for their debut season.

Cotton Ripstop Military Trousers  ¥28600

The base is women’s US military utility pants. Taking advantage of the characteristic details around the waist, the size and silhouette can be adjusted by increasing the number of buttons while following the original details that omit the top button on the front.

This way they can make completely new military pants with a beautiful waist silhouette.

Cotton Chino Tuck Trousers  ¥28600

This next one is based on the American traditional 2 tuck chino. It seems that the problem of “it’s cool to squeeze it oversized and wear it, but the waist area is not beautiful” was solved by putting rubber in the waist and adding a drawcord. This is a unique fusion of American traditional details and an oversized silhouette, such as the large two-tuck on the front and the double-finished hem.

The brand will launch on Saturday, July 3rd. It will be on sale at CABINET OF CURIOSITIES and Fresh Service headquarters.

Even though the essence of the two creators have melted into one, it is a brand that makes you feel everyday life, like colorless and transparent tap water (tap water). For the time being, why don’t you check it out on Instagram?

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