Super sized yet functional. A unique delivery backpack with a messenger bags perspective.

2 years ago

With the popularity of food delivery services increasing these days, it has become a daily occurrence seeing delivery staff riding their bicycles, and it seems that it is also the same in Hungary, and to that end, the messenger bag brand “BAGABOO” from Budapest have released a large delivery bag!

chef food delivery backpack ¥59400

This is a delivery backpack with the largest capacity in the Bugaboo lineup. It is a super big size with a maximum width of 41 x depth of 41 x height of 70 cm, and the capacity can be adjusted by the compression straps provided on both sides. It is also attractive that there is plenty of additional storage such as front flap pockets and side pockets.

The body is made of cordura fabric and has elasticity that keeps its shape even when the roll top is opened, making it easy to put in and take out the contents. The interior is highly cushioned and the tarpaulin lining protects your items from getting wet.

If you release the roll top, you can store large items such as stepladders. By squeezing the compression strap, you can even fix unstable contents which is a unique function to this messenger bag brand.

In addition to the tough specifications thanks to adopting cordura nylon for the outer material and tarpaulin for the lining, the adoption of a roll top prevents rain from entering and the capacity can be adjusted. It is one of the strongest delivery bags available with a lot of functions to support delivery staff.