Used military tents made into bags. Check out the bespoke items from the popular shop “BLOOM & BRANCH”.

2 years ago

BLOOM & BRANCH carefully picks up “things that you want to keep for the next generation” and proposes a re-edited style of traditional styles and cultures from the United States, France and Britain with their own unique interpretation. From this growing shop, a new military bespoke bag that is perfect for the outdoors has appeared.

Two similar color chic tents with exquisite balance.

TRANSFORM BAG L Exclusive     ¥33000

The brand KaILI, which is knwon for its gimmick-rich and unique products, is the partner for these bespoke items and they have selected the most popular model in 2 types. Both are handmade by craftsmen including designer Kentaro Yamauchi, and the materials used are two similar colors of used tents from the German army.

You can fold the top of the deep tote bag to transform it into a one-strap shoulder bag.

As the name suggests, the transform bag L is a 2-way specification of a tote bag and a shoulder bag. Due to the structure, two layers of fabric are used, and you can enjoy a unique volume and draped silhouette. Specifically for this bespoke order, the front flap and handle are changed to a combination color, and the color has been muted to create an mature impression.

ACTION BACK ROLL Exclusive     ¥49500

An action back roll with a roll-top type daypack that makes it easy to adjust the capacity. It is packed with elements to thrive in the outdoors, such as a hunting jacket-like pocket, a design that allows you to access it while carrying it, and an S-shaped shoulder strap that fits well to your body. The contrast of the exquisite balance is also excellent.

A shortcut to main storage is possible just by opening the upper zipper on the back. A 13-inch PC can be taken out smoothly.

A bespoke bag that combines used fabrics with different colors and textures to create a more sophisticated color scheme that can be enjoyed over time as they are used. It will be on sale from Saturday, July 10th at all Bloom and Branch stores. It will also be available on the WEB SHOP on the 13th (Tuesday).

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