The secret is in the unique silhouette. A new idea for action orientated bags from Master-Piece.

2 years ago

During the hot summer months, it is ideal to have a light outfit and bag. Action bags such as sacoche and waist bags are useful if you want to go out to the city for a while, but the new ‘body bag’ introduced this season from the prestigious Master-piece is a something entirely new.

face ¥13500

This unique design, which does not resemble a common shoulder bag, sacoche, or waist bag, is a front-ended bag that can be used like a front pocket, so its name is suitably called the “face”. Not only the name, which is probably because it always looks forward, but also the convenience design is excellent.

The unique shape fits perfectly to the body when worn on the front, giving it a fit that is a bit different from a shoulder or a waist bag. Moreover, it is designed so that it does not get in the way even if it is put under a jacket etc. by intentionally the gusset thin.

In addition to the main storage part, there is also a front sub-pocket, a bottle pocket for 500ml water bottles, and a tape loop and carabiner that can also be used as a towel holder meaning it has a large storage capacity.

Furthermore, by using Toray’s Breathatec® on the back of lightweight nylon woven with warp 70d and weft 160d, the main body material is very waterproof with high water repellency, moisture permeability at 8500g / 24hr level, and water pressure resistance at 11000mm level. It’s perfect for outdoor activities such as camping and festivals.

The front pack body bag from Master-Piece is incredibly versatile and has a high-spec finish. It will be released in early August.

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