Waterproof and stain-proof fashionable eco bag that was created from everyday items.

2 years ago

The brand “New Life Project” is determined to bring about changes in the modern apparel industry by creating new products using discarded items and raw materials as resources. This time, 2 types of eco-bags are released from the “Ocean’s series” which are made from PET bottles collected during beach cleanup activities.

Currently, the amount of marine debris floating in the oceans around the world has reached about 150 million tons, and the “Ocean Series” is focused on “what we can do now” to solve the ever-increasing problems. While reducing waste by using it as a resource, they are creating a new cycle that does not generate new waste through their products.


This is an eco bag that is the perfect size for small shopping and luggage. They are particular about small details such as the side being processed to express a beautiful drape in the hand-carrying style. By adjusting the length of the shoulder rope, you can use it as you like.


It uses polyester material containing 11% of PET bottles collected by beach cleaning activities. The simple monotone design makes it useful as a daily bag for the streets. The 2WAY specification that features a rope shoulder strap that can be held or hung from your shoulder is also a nice point.

Not only does it use recycled materials, it is also waterproof and stain resistant. The eco-bag type 2, which has been antistatically processed and designed to be used for a long time, can be used not only for daily use in the city but also as a bag for storing small items when camping and for managing valuables. Get it as part of your first step in protecting our nature such as the sea and the outdoor environment.