Intriguing celluloid frame made with black ink. Introducing the latest limited edition glasses from 10 Eyevan.

2 years ago

The eyewear brand 10 Eyevan, develops under the concept of glasses being like beautiful tools. Their latest model featuring rare celluloid and colors will be limited to their directly managed stores. The “ink” color, which was very well regarded when it was released last year, is expected to become very popular again.

The black ink helps to emphasize the quality of the material.

No.5III  SILVER 925   ¥66000 ,  18K  ¥143000

The model called “Ink”, which is only available at Eyevan’s directly managed shops, has a motif of Japanese ink, and has a color that intentionally subdues the luster that can be said to be the characteristic of celluloid. By taking the trouble of letting it to rest for a certain period of time and applying it to the base of the fat rim that has become moderately strong, the material feels more impactful.

No.7III  SILVER 925     ¥66000、18K     ¥143000

Matte silver 925 is used for the hinges and end tips for a casual yet cohesive finish. Don’t miss the other varieties with 18K on the end tip as well. This is an exclusive pair of glasses that can match well with a wide range of styles from street to outdoors. The release is scheduled for Thursday, July 22nd.

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