The first collaboration between BagJack and Nano Universe. An adventurous backpack that mixes two types of camouflage.

2 years ago

We are immediately attracted to items that can be used whenever wherever, especially when that includes the outdoors. The para-boots and non-native bespoke products I introduced the other day were a great example of this, being able to cross the barriers between the mountains and see.

The items introduced this time are also of the same mindset. This is the first collaboration between German-born bag maker BagJack and Nano Universe.

nano universe bagjack daypack molle M  ¥59180

The bespoke base is a cordura daypack that is developed by BagJack. It is a popular model that uses the familiar mall system well known to the brand.

In this collaboration, they have created a design that boldly mixes wood ducks and dessert ducks!

Combining camouflage worn in the desert and the forest may seem strange, as they are originally contradictory places. But it’s not strangely disproportionate in execution. Its unique design balance makes it a bag that enables you to use it no matter what the scene. It is on sale now.