The latest new line is launched from Arc’teryx. “SYSTEM_A” is a collection from a fashion perspective.

2 years ago

ARC’TERYX, are a leader of the outdoor scene thanks to its high grade technology, and they are now showing new developments.

Until now, although it is a brand that develops high-spec products that can be used even in polar regions, it is often worn in the city due to its sophisticated design, and it has also shown a synergy with urban outdoor style. This time, Arc’teryx will start a new line casual line for the first time.

“SYSTEM_A” is a new collection that starts with the concept of “creating products with the best materials, the best technology, and most innovative designs on the planet.”

This is a unique collection with a modern style that incorporates fashion elements into the functionality required for outdoor activities that Arc’teryx is well known for.

For this new collection, by using some of the specifications of their classic past designs and adding it as an essence, they will now create a lineup of timeless products that connect the past and present of Arc’teryx.

The logo design with the letters “SYSTEM_A” vertically above the Arc’teryx logo represents hacking Arc’teryx into “fashion” and creates a strong message for this new collection from the brand.

The lineup is designed so that military elements can be seen outdoors, such as a shell jacket with an urban look, a T-shirt with a large logo printed on the back, and a bag that fits a range of activities as well as everyday life. There will be many innovative items that have never been seen before.

However, the technology cultivated in the outdoor scene so far is of course alive and well. “System A” is a fashion collection that has a unique sense and is a natural way to include high-spec items into your wardrobe and will help you feel the new revolution from Arc’teryx.

It will be on sale for a limited time at Arc’teryx directly managed (Harajuku store, Kobe store, Nagoya store) and BEAMS Harajuku from Saturday, August 21, 2021