Lee’s rare war time model has been faithfully reproduced by skillful vintage processing.

2 years ago

The reproduction of the popular WWII model denim, which was released by Lee in January this year and sold out almost immediately is back! The number of existing pairs of denim is small so it is considered a special gem in the vintage market. The ability to faithfully reproduce the specification changes due to restrictions of materials during the war is something that really needs to be seen to be believed.

Powerful aging processing created by both laser and manual work.

COWBOY PANTS WWII LM6201-46     ¥30800

Both jackets and pants are born from the archives line that brings back legendary products to the present day. Adopting right twill selvedge denim that is not shrink-proofed or twist-proof, details such as double stitching and pocket flaps set it apart from models made in other generations.

COWBOY JACKET LM6012-46     ¥41800

The difference from the previous rerun is the color fading process, which realistically expresses the degree of fading based on actual wearing. By incorporating environmentally friendly laser technology, each piece is hand-finished to give it a natural texture. Rust is also added to the iron buttons and rivets, giving a vintage look to every small detail.

Ultra-realistic fading processing is used even for the tags that are hidden when worn.

This is a highly topical work that revives a lost and precious historical heritage that was manufactured only for a short period of time with a quality that makes you think that it is the same as the original. Only 6 stores, Lee Sendai store, Lee Harajuku store, Lee Shinjuku store, Lee Nagoya store, Lee Hakata store, and EDWIN DENIM GALAXY Minami Horie store, will carry this limited rerun. Even if you don’t like denim, you should be excited at the prospect of owning a piece of history.