Fresh new patchwork shirts from H.R. Remake, a reconstruction of a high-quality flannel shirt.

2 years ago

H.R.REMAKE is an original brand started in 2011 by Seirin Ltd., which operates several popular shops such as Hollywood Lunch Market and Okra, with the theme of remaking, reusing and recycling.

Patchwork wear made from new vintage and original fabrics is popular, so you shouldn’t miss out on the new patchwork shirts this season.

Reconstructing high-quality flannel shirts from popular brands.


H.R. Remake is characterized by recreating hard-to-find vintage wear, dead stock, original fabrics, etc. into simple yet highly functional modern gems.

This shirt has also be salvaged and rebuilt from brands such as Hollywood Ranch Market and Blue Blue.

With the vertical switching as the based, a dark-colored fabric is sandwiched between different patterns to prevent it from becoming too garish. Although it is a patchwork shirt, it is a versatile item regardless of your taste. The release is scheduled for August. Not only for the outdoors during late summer when you want a long-sleeved shirt, but also in the middle of winter, you can rely on this shirt all year long.

The release is scheduled to be released on August 2021.

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