BEAMS exclusive Citizen watch is a new take on a 70s classic!

2 years ago

CITIZEN has gained infamy all over the world as a time piece maker thanks to their in-house manufacturing. Select shop BEAMS has previously ordered a number of bespoke watches from this long-established Japanese time piece brand, and this season is no different with a new fresh exclusive design that will appeal to fashionistas everywhere.

Tsuno Chrono GOLD ¥28600

The base model is the “TSUNO CHRONO” based on “Chronograph Challenge Timer” which appeared as Citizen’s first full-scale chronograph watch in 1973. The push buttons located on the 12 o’clock side looks like horns which in Japanese is called ‘tsuno’, hence the nickname “Tsuno Chrono”.

Tsuno Chrono SILVER ¥26400

For this bespoke order, there are two lineups, a simple silver color and a high-impact gold color, both of which are reminiscent of the original colors and designs of the time.

In addition, the streamlined face has a smooth curve weaves perfectly with the edgy bezel. By adopting a 38mm case size that fits comfortably on the wrist, it feels classy and retro.

This is a BEAMS bespoke model with a nostalgic and classic appearance. It is scheduled to go on sale in early October 2021, but pre-orders will start at BEAMS stores and BEAMS official online shops from August 1st (Sun), so if you want to make sure you get your hands on one, don’t miss this opportunity.