JINS and Snow Peak collaborate for the first time. Functional sunglasses that are great for camping!

2 years ago

The first collaboration between eyewear brands “JINS” and “Snow Peak” has been realized from the desire to “make sunglasses more popular in the Japanese outdoor scene.”

Sunglasses are a must-have item to shield your eyes from harsh summer rays. This collaboration is pursuing the best functions and designs for the outdoors by utilizing the know-how of both parties, while maintaining a fashion conscious aesthetic.

Pocket sized and foldable.

The size is compact and can easily be folded and placed inside a chest pocket. It is also useful for UL mountain climbing where you want to enjoy the outdoors with a minimum amount of baggage. This is the Wellington, but the Boston type is also available. They both come equipped with a light-color polarized lens. ¥ 11000


2WAY model that is switchable between glasses and polarized lenses.

This is an excellent product that allows you to easily switch from glasses to polarized lenses. The ear point at the temple tip can be finely adjusted with a quick fit that changes the angle. Two types are in development, the Wellington and Boston. Additional lens fee is included. ¥ 19800


JINS’s first all-rubber sunglasses.

JINS’s first all-rubber design does not have exposed metal such as at the nose pads and hinge parts, and has a matte texture that feels good against the skin and is treated with silicone rubber to reduce slippage. Recommended for water activities as it is resistant to sweat and water. Boston type. ¥ 8800

Each model features the collaboration logo of JINS and Snow Peak on the inside of the temple, and only this JINS switch series features the Snow Peak astarix on the lens plate.


Also check out the original luxury accessories.

When you buy the sunglasses, you will get the original Sakosh case made on the Snow Peak production line using the same fabrics used for other items such as tents and ropes.

They have a lineup of 4 models, including models for kids. All of the sunglasses are super luxurious with original accessories included, so don’t miss out on this opportunity to get your hands on them.

JINS tel0120-588-418 www.jins.com/jp