A vintage-like collaboration tote bag from L.L.Bean and Remi Relief.

3 weeks ago

The “Boat and Tote”, commonly known as the Bean Tote, has become synonymous with the brand L.L.Bean.

It is already masterpiece that while basic is tough enough to rely on in a wide array of environments from the city to the outdoors, but in collaborating with the domestic brand REMI RELIEF that strives for “ultimate everyday wear”, they have created a new evolution to the classic bag bespoke for men’s online retailer UNSTOA.

REMI RELIEF × L.L.Bean ¥16500

At first glance, this Bean Tote has an eye-catching look because it looks like a second-hand item by using special vintage processing that Remi Relief is well known for.

The stone wash process, which takes a large amount of time and has to be carefully applied, gives the natural color fading and texture to the item as if it had been used for many years. It’s a must-see for vintage clothing lovers.

The lineup consists of two sizes, a large-capacity L size and an easy-to-use M size. Each is available in two colors, navy and green, which are also popular in-line colors for L.L.Bean.

This is a new take on the classic Bean Tote that fits a variety of lifestyles from everyday to the outdoors. Because it is a staple product, why not stand out with this unique new version!

■UNSTOA tel:03-6805-0021 https://unstoa.com/