A new collaboration shell jacket from Daiwa x Gordon Miller that transcends genres.

2 years ago

Beyond the realm of fishing, DAIWA is also very active in the fashion scene. The current popularity of fishing as well as a number of collaborations with popular brands are key, and again, a must-see collaboration for outdoor fashion fans has appeared.

The partner this time is GORDON MILLER, a popular brand that focuses on garage life. This collaboration is interesting for the way it seamlessly combines functionality from two different fields, fishing and cars.


The two companies have combined to create shell jackets that are essential items from summer to autumn in Japan when it rains a lot. As the name implies, it uses GORE-TEX INFINIUM™, a functional material that is windproof, heat-retaining, breathable, light, supple, and comfortable.

Of course, GORE-TEX is waterproof and water repellent, and as such this jacket covers a wide range of scenes such as waterside fishing, road trips in bad weather, and garage activities such as car washing.

The scene specific functionality is perfect, such as the simple look, large pockets, deep neck that protects the wearer from the elements, the hood, and a fishing-derived design that emphasizes mobility.

Also, since it can be stored in the attached mesh bag, it is nice to be able to wear it at any time by storing it in the car when not in use.

This is a collaboration shell jacket that successfully connects the two outdoor genres of fishing and cars. From everyday life to the outdoors, enjoy an active lifestyle with this new jacket.

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