Descente’s new down jacket can be worn in various unique combinations!

2 years ago

In this season when autumn and winter things start to become everyone’s focus, a new project “DESCENTE CONNECT” by the prestigious sports brand DESCENTE has started.

In the memorable first lineup, Mizusawa down “C01 Mountaineer” with a unit structure from the high-end line DESCENTE ALLTERRAIN is now available. It is an extremely rare item and is limited to a set of only 50 pieces.

C01 Mountaineer (center unit + shoulder unit + lumbar unit) + center unit “down shawl color” ¥ 187000

“C01 Mountaineer” is a down jacket with a novel concept that uses eye catching fasteners. Based on the high-spec model “Mountainia” of the Mizusawa down jacket series, this is the first item that has been reconstructed into a special structure in which the center unit, shoulder unit, lumbar unit, and three parts can be freely combined with fasteners.

It is a high-performance down jacket that changes the functionality based on the units to be combined, and there are three types of packages that set the characteristic unit.

By combining the functions provided by each individual unit, one piece of highly functional clothing is completed.

C01 Mountaineer (center unit + shoulder unit + lumbar unit) + center unit “down vest” ¥ 209000

Wearing in bad weather such as rain and snow is taken under consideration, the hood has a para-hood system that prevents water and snow pools, dual zip ventilation on the front zipper that promotes ventilation, and HEAT NAVI that keeps the inside of clothes at a comfortable temperature. The functionality and specifications of the conventional “Mountainia” such as the lining are kept the same as the original.

The down used is a high-end end and traceable that has acquired “DOWNPASS” certification, which can track the procurement process of all feathers by strictly managing the serial number.

C01 Mountaineer (center unit + shoulder unit + lumbar unit) + center unit “down shawl color” + center unit “down vest” ¥ 242000

In addition, Descente Connect plans to expand the unit in the future, so it seems that the variation of styling available will be expanded further.

By replacing the center unit of products equipped with the connect system and customizing the styling according to the scene, one piece of clothing can meet various environments and diverse needs.

A limited set of 50 pieces will be held at DESCENTE BLANC Daikanyama and each select shop from August 27th (Friday), so if you are interested, don’t miss this opportunity.

[Descente Connect C01 Mountaineer Ordering Schedule]


August 27th (Fri) -29th (Sun)

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September 3rd (Fri) -5th (Sun)

WISE ARK 93-6 Torimachi, Takasaki City, Gunma Prefecture 1F

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September 10th (Fri) -12th (Sun)

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