Polarized glasses for fishing from Zoff. 3 in one features thanks to the removable polarizing filter.

2 years ago

Polarized glasses are a must-have item for fishing because it suppresses reflection and glare on the water surface and makes it easier to spot fish under the water. The color selection of the polarized lens is also important because the appearance of the fish in the water changes depending on the color of the polarized lens. However, it is not very convenient to prepare polarized glasses of various colors.

But now, angler-friendly polarized glasses with three-color polarizing filters that can be changed have appeared from the glasses brand Zoff.

「Zoff OUTDOOR for FISHING」¥13300

“Zoff OUTDOOR for FISHING” are fishing glasses that allows you to change between three types of polarizing filters as attachments to the prescription eyeglass frames.

There are three types of polarizing filters that can be interchanged: “gray” that looks natural, “brown” that emphasizes contrast and makes outlines clear, and “yellow” that is easy to see even in dim evening light and dark mountain streams surrounded by trees. So, you can change the lenses easily to match the weather and location.

Since they can also be used as normal glasses without the attachments, you can use them daily, from driving to outdoor adventures.

Zoff Outdoor For Fishing is available in 4 colors, and will be on sale from August 27, 2021 exclusively at the Zoff official online store.

■Zoff tel:0120-013-505 https://www.zoff.co.jp/shop/contents/fishing.aspx