Daiwa Pier 39’s new collection is complete. Check out the aged tweed jacket with extra pockets!

2 years ago

This season’s new collection will be released from “DAIWA PIER 39”, which is popular with a wide range of people, from outdoor hobbyists to fashionistas.

Among the collection, we have picked up on two items that showcase the brands iconic use of pockets and traditional style.


The collection includes a dignified lineup of fishing jackets that condense Daiwa’s functions and sensibilities. The water-repellent finish and the hood that can be stored in the collar make it perfect for rainy weather, making it ideal for outdoor activities. The fabric and over-sized silhouette that expresses a cotton-like texture also make it perfect for everyday use.

The biggest feature is the high storage capacity realized by including many pockets. The small details such as the zipper and the strap with a button, will be easily recognizable to anglers. However ff you use it daily, you can enjoy a minimalist style that does not require a bag or sacoche.


This is a fresh new design that updates the US military BDU jacket to fishing specifications. You can enjoy traditional autumn / winter clothing thanks to the polyester fabric, which is both light and wrinkle-resistant, woven into a wool-like tweed.

It is also a key feature that you can enjoy the mil-spec atmosphere and functions such as pocket work on the sleeves. By applying action pleats to the sleeves, it is easy to move even in active outdoor scenes. Whether you are fishing or camping you can enjoy the feel of the fabric and the stylish design.

In addition, Daiwa Pier’s new collection, which has many items that are great for outdoor scenes such as fishing as well as being fashionable, will be released on Saturday, August 28th. This is a must-see for everyone from clothes lovers who are preparing for the fall and winter to outdoor enthusiasts.

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