South2 West8’s classic multi pocket shirts are made even better with traditional Pendleton materials!

2 years ago

“SOUTH2 WEST8” is based in nature rich Hokkaido and develops outdoor wear with the theme of fishing. Among the unique lineup that exudes an avant-garde atmosphere while still being authentically outdoors, the American classic “6 pocket shirt” is an always popular classic.

A new collaboration collection made of wool material from Woolen Mills “PENDLETON”, which has been purveying classic American style for over 150 years, has arrived.

6Pocket Classic Shirt – Wool Plaid Cloth ¥42900

South 2 West 8’s classic model featuring 6 pockets on the front body is now made with wool cloth, synonymous with Pendleton. The pockets are of different sizes and the flap specifications make it difficult for the contents to fall out.

5Pocket Slack Pant – Wool Plaid Cloth ¥41800

They also have a lineup of updated models of their slack pants, which are staple items like their shirts. It has a total of 5 pockets on the front and back and are a drawstring loose fit model.

This collection has an American traditional atmosphere thanks to the authentic plaid and wool cloth. In addition to light blue, there are three colors available, including basic gray and deep blue. The pants are also available in the same three colors and can be worn as a top and bottoms setup. Don’t miss out on this collection that has been updated thanks to the traditional materials.

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