Tembea classic tough bag is updated to an urban look with linen and leather.

2 years ago

A collaboration between “TEMBEA”, who are well known for making universally appealing bags, and “08sircus”, a brand from Tokyo that also has a collection in Paris. Tembea’s classic model the “BAGUETTE TOTE” is re-imagined with an urban look.

tote bag(M)¥26400、tote bag(L)31900

It uses a combination of thick, firm and light linen canvas and leather. Due to the unique selection of material, it has been sublimated into a tote bag with high fashionability.

It is available in two types, a small M size and an L size that can store a 16-inch laptop. By attaching the handle to the front, it is easy to hang it on your shoulder even if you put a long object such as a baguette. The more you use it, the softer the fabric becomes, and it gradually adapts to your body.

It is also sewn with thicker thread than the standard model. At the same time as increasing the durability, it is also an accent of a simple design.

This collaboration bag with an urban look that suits dressy outfits without compromising the robustness of Tembea is now on sale. It fits in with the user’s lifestyle regardless of the place or time of use.

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