New coveralls from Post O’Alls, is reminiscent of golden age America.

2 years ago

POST O’ALLS adds new value to vintage wear such as work, military, and outdoor, and creates fantastic products that can become a legacy for the next generation. This new project is modern take on a classic, based on the coveralls from around 1910 with many of the same details that can also be worn as a set up with trousers.

Reproducing work wear from the era when railroads first began to run in the United States.


The base is a work jacket worn by railroad workers, which surged in popularity in the early 1900s in the United States. While reconstructing the deluxe size and inheriting elements from the model released in the mid-’90s, it has been recreated in a style not often seen today, such as a box-shaped silhouette, short length, and V-stitched pockets.


The coverall can be paired with these retro painter pants with V-patch pockets, and a wide silhouette. When you wear it as a setup, you will be able to fully embody the style of the times. Using vintage Moleskin with a rich texture for both the top and bottom, and the storage capacity is also perfect. This is sure to become a favorite amongst the outdoor community.

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