Daiwa Pier 39 x Fresh Service’s popular top and bottom setup is back!

2 years ago

It’s been half a year since DAIWA PIER 39, which has been rapidly growing in popularity, released a bespoke collection with Fresh Service. That set up is no back, better than ever!

The lineup is the same as last time, jackets and pants based on the staple Daiwa Pier 39 products. It is daily wear with excellent functions such as 4WAY stretch that expands and contracts vertically and horizontally, and adoption of materials with excellent water repellency.

Loose Stretch Twill 2B Jacket  ¥34100

The inner pocket of the jacket is designed so that the “CITY SIDE”, which can store essentials for urban life, and “SEA SIDE”, which is designed for fishing scenes, can coexist.

Loose Stretch Twill Easy Trousers  ¥24200

The pants with a drawcord have a more minimalist appearance by changing to a tapered silhouette.

It is currently on sale at Fresh Service headquarters, FreshService FC stores, and online. At the time of the previous release, this work was already perfect with a great reputation. If you haven’t tried it out yet, make sure you don’t miss out on this chance to get your hands on a modern classic.

■FreshService headquarters   tel:03-5775-4755   http://freshservice.jp/