A modified fleece from Facetasm that adds “playfulness” to functionality.

1 year ago

“FACETASM” are led by designer Hiroshi Ochiai, while flickering between the elements of high fashion and street, they produce clothing full of originality with free ideas that are not bound by limits, and the fleece this season is no different.

The boa fleece, which has been gaining popularity in recent years, is tailored with a long back body and a swallowtail-shaped silhouette, with a zip that runs from both sides to the back that allows you to enjoy a high degree of freedom.


This fleece jacket features a novel silhouette that looks like a long coat when viewed from behind and has zips on both sides. Also check out the outdoor-like details such as the combination of voluminous fabric with red piping, and the nylon switching pocket on the left chest.

You can change the style by opening and closing the zips attached on both sides and around to the back. If you open the zip completely, you can separate the two parts, the front body and the back body. Boa fleece is often said to be a classic in the fall and winter time, so why not try to freshen up your wardrobe with this unique new offering.

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