The classic monster hoodie now in tweed. A unique collaboration between Magic Stick and Wild Things.

1 year ago

MAGIC STICK, which continues to be a leader of street fashion, announces the 4th collaboration with outdoor brand WILD THINGS, which is known for providing gear to the US Army. Check out the military style enhanced with high quality materials.

Luxurious material enhances the mature military look.

Monster Parka MS ver. with Wildthings     ¥77000

This is a re-imagining of the so-called monster parka supplied to the US special forces with Magic Stick’s signature style. Since the original was developed for wearing in extremely cold regions, the batting is greatly reduced to a level that will prevent overheating during daily use. The relaxed silhouette is also worth noting.

Mil Wide 1B Jacket with Wildthings     ¥46200
PL Wide Trousers by Wildthings     ¥31900

The jacket with its wide box silhouette and ECWCS-style side pockets creates a military impression, and is the latest in the tailored series from Magic Sticks. The deep 2 tack makes it comfortable, and it can be set up with the same material pants for a coordinated look.

2B single jacket final edition with Wildthings     ¥42,900

Jocky Pants with Wildthings      ¥29700

After several seasons of production, this final edition jacket features two-buttons to improve the wearability. It is also designed to be worn in coordination with standard easy pants, which has a cool silhouette and is easy to match with various shoes.

Two versions are available: Plaid Wool Tweed and Solotex® Fulfuran®, which has a stretchy feel despite the texture of brushed wool and can be washed at home easily. There is no doubt that it will be a very popular collaboration that sublimates the military base model into a style suitable for urban living.

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