An exquisite collaboration down JKT from prestigious Japanese down maker “Zanter” and Graphpaper.

2 years ago

Graphpaper, is a curated shop that carefully selects fashion and art, and Zanter is Japan’s oldest down maker, and has produced items for the Antarctic Research Expedition are collaborating again. The latest two models of the collaboration series called Zanter for Graphpaper has now arrived.

Extra warmth and features are added to the sophisticated design.

Zanter for Graphpaper SOLOTEX® Down Jacket     ¥101200

The size balance of the standard already minimalist model, has been readjusted by omitting unnecessary designs such as stitching. By enclosing a sufficient amount of down not only in the body but also in the hood, they succeeded in ensuring an appropriate volume and excellent heat retention. The outer material uses Solotex, which is soft to the touch and doesn’t lose its shape.

Zanter for Graphpaper SOLOTEX® Classic Down Jacket     ¥101200

The high-tech material Solotech Taffeta is used for the classic style with roots in sportswear. The shades and color schemes of modernist architecture, which is the theme of Graphpaper this season, are expressed through the color contrast between the outer and lining. The voluminous feel is achieved because it is generously packed with down.

If is hot, you can cool down by taking it off and carrying it on your back. Since it is uses memory like fabric, there is no need to worry about losing its shape.

The built-in strap makes it possible to carry it on your back when you take it off, and both models are suitable for urban life with constant changes in temperature from riding trains and entering buildings. Of course, it also has excellent performance when outdoors in the middle of winter, so if you are looking for a heavy outerwear, we highly recommend checking this out.

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