White Mountaineering will release a limited, sustainable collection in collaboration with Takashimaya!

2 years ago

The other day, I went to a textile factory and conducted an interview as the fabric was being made. A shuttle loom is stationed in a crowded factory the size of about four tennis courts. Skilled craftsmen who have been honing their skills for decades are side by side. They take a daunting amount of time to make one piece of fabric, fulfilling orders received from brands all over the world.

In that sense, the polyester “BRING Material ™”, which uses lint and used clothing generated when making apparel products as raw materials is a product that takes even more time and effort. However, White Mountaineering believes it is necessary to look to the future of the apparel industry.

Takashimaya’s project “Depart de Loop”, which aims to realize a sustainable recycling-oriented society, has teamed up with outdoor wear brand BRING ™, which realizes a circular economy through a fiber recycling platform, to create products using recycled polyester.

This time, White Mountaineering, who a big supporters of such a plan, realized a collaboration with Takashimaya! A sustainable capsule collection will be sold exclusively at Takashimaya.

Nakawata jacket ¥ 99000

Boa Best ¥ 52800

Cargo pants ¥ 39600

There are 7 items in total, including a batting jacket equipped with 8 pockets that balance design and functionality, a lightweight blouson that mixes boa fleece and polyester taffeta material, and natural stretch tuck easy pants.

Boa blouson ¥ 82,500

Hoodie ¥ 37400

Long T-shirt ¥ 30800

3 tuck pants ¥ 38500

It is scheduled for release on October 15th (Friday) at each Takashimaya store (Nippombashi store, Shinjuku store, Yokohama store, Osaka store, Kyoto store, Tamagawa store).

As part of the “Department de Loop” collection, the above products are all recycled products, and clothes are sold and collected as a set. Sometimes it’s not bad to buy clothes while thinking about a sustainable future.