Pendleton pattern Melton fabric and TAION down’s material MIX collection is now available!

2 weeks ago

This is a popular collaboration item that allows you to enjoy the native print of the long-established American wool brand “PENDLETON” and the sportiness of the down brand “TAION” at the same time. Following on from the first collaboration in 2020, this season also features a number of new releases.

All of the items are padded with down, adding the unique voluminous feeling of down and the warmth to items you would not usually associate with. The down used is 800 fill power, which is light and has good resilience, the outer material is nylon with superhydrophobic high-density processing, and the native American style print part is made of Melton wool.

The shoulder strap is removable so it can be used as a tote bag, shoulder bag, and sacoche. Combination 3WAY bag ¥ 7920

There are two types of hats that are reversible and allow you to enjoy a completely different look. (Left) Reversible warm cap (Right) Reversible hat ¥ 5500 each

With these you can store thin accessories. Card change case (left) S (right) M ¥ 4620 each

Fasten able with a snap button. Reversible neck warmer ¥ 4950

A versatile bag with a switching design. Combination wide bag ¥ 7920

If you use a snap button and a strap, you can transform it into a poncho and use it reversibly. 4WAY poncho ¥ 12980

The bags are designed to incorporate both nylon down and Melton wool, and all accessories and blankets are reversible, so you can enjoy the many different expressions of nylon down and Melton wool. The items are scheduled to be released in October.

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