Nanamica’s high-spec coat made with Gore-Tex x optoelectronic down.

2 years ago

Nanamica, is a must-visit shop that selects functional and sophisticated items both domestically and overseas, and they will now release a high-spec original jacket that uses Gore-Tex. Anyone who is searching for a trusty new heavy outer this winter should make sure to check it out.

Superb Heat retention thanks to Photoelectron® down inside Gore-Tex.

GORE-TEX Down Coat     ¥86900

Photoelectron ® down, a material with high heat retention that uses far infrared rays emitted from the human body, is used for the down feathers. The outer material is a 2L Polyester GORE-TEX Fabric, which is a waterproof and breathable material, and maintains body heat without becoming overly stuffy or uncomfortable. The lining in smooth polyester ripstop is also excellent.

GORE-TEX Down Coat     ¥86900

It also features a patch and flap pocket inspired by flight jackets, a snap front that can be fastened with just one hand, and a large inner pocket that can store a muffler and gloves, all of which are easy to use. In addition, ribbed inner cuffs are provided to prevent cold air from entering.

GORE-TEX Down Coat     ¥86900

This new jacket, which has a military design and functions that are great for the outdoors, and can be worn in any situation, is scheduled to be released in early October. Pre orders have already started at the Nanamica online store. Check early if you want to make sure you don’t miss out!