Blue Blue Japan’s aged batting outerwear reproduces traditional Japanese clothing using indigo patchwork.

2 years ago

BLUE BLUE JAPAN produces items that can be used habitually for many years, focusing on the traditional Japanese technique of indigo dyeing, while sticking to domestic Japanese made production. From the Nenrin series, which can be said to be a symbol of the brand, two new items have arrived that bring out excellent aging and appeal as you wear them.

The goal is to create the texture of clothing that has been repeatedly repaired.

Indigo Hiraori Nenrin Watai Coverall ¥ 83600

This item reproduces the culture of retouching and ammending according to the season, repairing it if it is torn, and continuing to wear it, like in the Edo period when cotton was put in a kimono to survive the cold. A thin padding is enclosed in indigo-dyed cotton that has been hand-stitched, and put together in a coverall and vest in a traditonal Japanese style.

Indigo Hiraori Nenrin Vest ¥ 55000

This lineup perfectly expresses the unique ireegularity of patchwork combined with the fading of color over time to replicate a vintage feel. The coveralls are scheduled to be released in October, and the vest has already been released. This is a unique take on vintage style clothing that we really recommend you to check out.