The back zipper divides the back into two. The new Bamboo Shoots x Mountain Research backpacker mod coat.

2 years ago

“BAMBOO SHOOTS” and “MOUNTAIN RESEARCH” have been leading the outdoor fashion scene in Tokyo for many years along the Meguro River.

The mountain parka created during the collaboration of both brands released in the spring of this year is a symbolic item of the new Bamboo Shoots and this season the details and specifications have been changed to be closer to the vintage “US ARMYM-51 PARKA” owned by Setsumasa Kobayashi. Let’s take a look at their new mod coat which is made with backpackers in mind!


The outer material is made of cotton nylon Oxford with a nice peach fur, and the heavy metal zip and dot buttons reproduce the vintage feel. Not only can it be worn over a backpack, but it can also be worn as an overcoat thanks to its layering system.

In addition to the zip and dot buttons on the front, there is a button on the back of the flap where the original liner can be attached and detached, so it can be worn across 3 different seasons.

The D-ring on the back of the left pocket flap comes with a zip or gauge thermometer keychain featuring the Bamboo Shoots logo.

Bamboo Shoots and Mountain Research are both based in Nakameguro, Topkyo. Both brands label is placed on the back of the left front body.

It also features a bold design that allows the inverted pleats on the back to be opened and closed with a zipper. It’s a cool and unique piece that combines both backpacker and military elements.