The latest release from New Balance × Briefing is a large-capacity tough bag that can be attached freely!

2 years ago

Introducing the latest collaboration between “New Balance” and “BRIEFING”, which have already developed numerous co-produced items. This time, for the sixth installment, the concept is “Urban Outdoors”.

The four items all use “VORTEX CANVAS” as the main fabric, which is tough and does not easily lose its shape, as well as having an attachment function that means it can be attached to a tote bag as well as used as a single item, making it a versatile lineup for both urban and outdoor use.

NB×BR AT TOTE ¥36300

The lean and sophisticated design of the tote bag uses Vortex Canvas, which is durable and does not lose its shape, as the main material. The bottom, which naturally has a lot of contact with the ground, is covered with air ballistic nylon, which is resistant to friction and tearing as well as being lightweight. In addition, the bottom is equipped with a free pocket designed for storing ground sheets, etc., making it suitable for outdoor use. The size is W52 x H34.5 x D15 cm.

NB×BR AT JET ¥13200

The popular Briefing shoulder bag “JET” has also been specially re-designed for this collaboration. In addition to the long shape suitable for storing drink bottles and smartphones, small pockets are provided in the interior to allow small items to be subdivided smartly. The size is W18 x H20 x D8 cm.


Next is a bottle holder with cold and heat insulation functions. If you attach a removable strap, you can hang it on your neck or shoulder, so it’s perfect for outdoor events such as mountain climbing and festivals. The size is W8.5 x H26 x D9 cm.


Not only can it be used as a shoulder pouch, but it can also be used as a bag-in-bag if removed. The easy-to-use box shape is great and it is also ideal for storing small items for camping and travel. The size is W20 x H15 x D5 cm.

One of the key points of the collaboration model is that you can attach three items to the tote bag to increase your storage capacity. For everyday use, you can carry a tote bag on your shoulder, and for camping, you can use a bottle holder or pouch to increase the outdoor usability.

The philosophies of both brands resonate well with this collaboration, and pre-orders have started at the New Balance online store and the official Briefing site. It will be on sale at brick and mortar stores from October 1st (Friday).