Muraco’s apparel line is here! A functional collection that focuses on materials and sewing methods in monotone colors.

2 years ago

An apparel line has finally arrived from the outdoor brand Muraco, which made a brilliant debut with their jet-black tent and is well known for creating ground breaking gear such as a unique peg hammer with a straight head and a bonfire that is both robust and compact.

muraco「LIM JACKET」

This is a lineup of unisex outdoor wear that incorporates the consistent aesthetic sense that Muraco has shown with their outdoor gear. With high-quality materials and sewing suitable for the outdoor scene, the company will develop apparel products with a long lifetime and prioritize a lean supply-demand cycle rather than overproduction.

In addition, all items have a monotone design that is typical of Muraco.

muraco「BLOCK JACKET」¥29000

The “BLOCK JACKET” is a boa fleece with a brushed and authentic look using Polartec Thermal Pro, which is the most visually impactful and technologically advanced material of Polartec’s thermal insulation fabrics. It is incredibly comfortable to wear with excellent elasticity and heat retention.

muraco「HELL JACKET」¥25000

Next is the fleece jacket “HELL JACKET”, which features a design that incorporates different materials, making it a jacket that is easy to move in thanks to the combining of knitted materials.

muraco「ROB SWEAT」¥14550

The “ROB SWEAT” is a sweatshirt made from cardboard fabric, which is thick and firm, yet soft and supple. The water-repellent material Solotex is used from the shoulders to the sleeves, so it is comfortable to wear even in the rain.

muraco「FT LONG SLEEVE SHIRT」¥12320

In addition, the 2-way stretch fabric makes it easy to move the shoulders and arms, and the dry-touch sweat-absorbing quick-drying shirt has a short-sleeved “FT SHORT SLEEVE SHIRT” (¥ 10560) and a long-sleeved “FT LONG SLEEVE SHIRT” (¥ 12320). ) version available.