The first limited Lavenham collection at Beams features modern, oversized quilted outerwear.

2 years ago

BEAMS, a major select shop in Japan, has realized their first bespoke order from the prestigious brand LAVENHAM from the United Kingdom. We will take a look at the outer collection, which incorporates the elegance of European aristocratic culture into a casual style with excellent crafstmanship.

Oversizing and modernized the symbol of tradition.

Sten Collar Coat ¥ 61600

Coverall ¥ 57200

Here we will introduce four models: a sten collar coat for all-purpose use regardless of the scene, a coverall that is easy to match and can be worn ruggedly, a gilet that is useful for layering, and a hood that can be used both as a set and on its own. It is considered to be oversized compared to their inline collections to match modern street wear.

Gilet ¥ 39600

Hood ¥ 15400

This is an unprecedented bespoke collection from Lavenham, the core of British Trad wear, for the first time in a select shop. It will be on sale on Saturday, October 9th at BEAMS Harajuku. This quilted outerwear with excellent heat retention will be useful not only for daily but also when camping.