Blue Blue × Taion’s first collaboration! 3 in 1 mod coat with a down liner!

1 year ago

The first collaboration between Japanese brands TAION, which focuses on inner down wear, and BLUE BLUE, famed for their indigo blue denim, has been realized. Outerwear and mufflers that are certain to be useful in winter will be released this month.

Introducing high quality down in a more user-friendly style.


An M-51 (mods coat) is mixed with US military N3-B outerwear used for extremely cold regions. The design is perfect for both town and field. The 800-fill-power inner down on the liner is removable and reversible. The coat and liner can be used individually.


The Blue-Blue bandana pattern, which has been popular for many years, is printed on the surface of the down muffler. A soft fleece is used on the back side, and the neck area becomes warm just by passing the main body through the tunnel cloth. It’s not too bulky or oversized, so it’s easy to match while still being eye catching.

The inner down and down muffler have a double name tag to commemorate the first collaboration.

This is a functional and good-looking cold weather item that perfectly combines the warmth created by down feather crafst men with the fashion sense of popular brands. This is suitable for a wide range of seasons and occasions so we highly recommend adding it to your wardrobe this year.