Kaptain Sunshine x Goldwin’s latest collaborative work. A high-spec down JKT that is just as good as full-scale military wear.

2 years ago

Collaboration items from “Goldwin” that creates items for the winter outdoors and “KAPTAIN SUNSHINE” that skillfully incorporates functionality into traditional designs are always popular and will be released this season as again.

Based on military gear, this down jacket has been reconstructed to modern specifications making it useful from urban life to the outdoors.

Gore-Tex Down Brouson ¥78000

The military down jacket, which is also popular as a fashion item, has been updated with the high-performance material “GORE-TEX INFINIUM” that is windproof, heat-retaining, and breathable. The mellow charcoal color fits in with urban scenes, so it is great not only for wearing outdoors but also for daily use in the city.

In addition to charcoal, bright beige is also available. The hood can be stored inside the body so it is useful for rainfall and cold weather changes. Because it uses Goldwin’s original lightweight batting, it is comfortable to wear even if you wear it for long periods of time.

This work has been produced to a high level in terms of both function and design. It’s fashionable enough to wear in the city while still retaining all of the functions needed for high end outdoor wear.

It will go on sale from Saturday, October 9, 2021 at Kaptain Sunshine’s official web store and some dealers, Goldwin’s official web store and directly managed stores. It’s always a popular collaboration, so we recommend checking it out early.