Manual Alphabet’s bespoke Nanga new down JKT is flame-retardant so perfect for winter camping!

2 years ago

From MANUAL ALPHABET, which develops collections based around shirts, three types of outerwear bespoke to Japan’s leading down brand NANGA are now available. The lineup is ideal for winter camps, thanks to using original flame-retardant fabrics.

Uses original flame-retardant materials that are perfect for bonfire season.

TRAILBLAZER 1st     ¥86900

Classics from Manual Alphabet’s archives are being revived under the theme of “TRAILBLAZER”. In order to adapt to modern times when lifestyles have changed drastically, they have adopted a unique flame-retardant fabric that was developed internally. The bespoke items are designed to fit in well with a wide variety of styles thanks to the silhouette and functionality.

TRAILBLAZER 2nd     ¥89100

The main fabric, which is made by weaving flame-retardant spun polyester yarn into the weft, has a soft cotton-like texture with less luster and stiffness that are common with functional materials. Each model has plenty of pockets both inside and outside, achieving the level of storage capacity that people need for the outdoors.

TRAILBLAZER 3rd     ¥60500

This is a set of exclusive down jackets with sophisticated looks and excellent cold protection and the ability to enjoy a bonfire with peace of mind. It will be on sale at 12:00 on Saturday, October 9th at online shops and Manual Alphabet’s stores nationwide.

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