The first collaboration between Manastash and Taion is a unique 12 way specification.

2 years ago

The collaboration jacket from “MANASTASH” and “TAION” has arrived, which aims to raise the profile and reputation of down wear.

It is available in “3 colors”, beige, olive and black and can be worn in 12 different unique ways.

Manastash and Taion’s “Twelve” birds with one stone.


The inner down, which Taion is renowned for, and the earth color achieved using hemp, which is typical of Manastash, are fused together for this collaboration. Both the down vest and the inner down cardigan are reversible sets, so you can enjoy wearing up to 12 different patterns. The color shown here is “olive”.


“Olive” dressing sample.

Here we will take a look at the double-sided “olive” color. The back of the vest on the upper left is a dark coyote, and the back of the inner down on the lower left is a bright coyote.

It is possible to arrange it a total of 12 ways, first by wearing each item on the front and back individually. Another 4 ways by wearing the vest on the outside and wearing the inner down on the inside, and the final 4 ways by wearing the inner down on the outside and wearing the vest on the inside, making a total of 12 different combinations!


Also check out the other two colors that are easy to mix and match!

In addition to the military-style olive, beige that shines in the autumn outdoors and basic black are also available. Among them, the beige color is also worth your attention and has an outdoor flavor.

The color show here is the “beige”. The main styling is with the surface of both the outer down vest and the inner down cardigan. 12WAY down jacket ¥ 24200 / Manastash x Tion, cut and sewn ¥ 7480, pants ¥ 10450, knit cap ¥ 3960 / all manastash, backpack ¥ 14300 / mystery lunch (all over)

In addition, we will take a look at three styles that are examples of different styling possibilities for the beige model. Whether it’s a set or a single unit, each one is worthy of being the central part of your outfit, so you can change your styling according to the weather and how you feel on the day.


Beige dressing sample.

The front side of the inner down cardigan is on the outside, and the back side of the down vest is on the inside.

The back of the down vest is an earth-colored olive green.

The back color of the inner down cardigan is black, which is easy to style with various outfits.

The black is also easy to style.

The final color variation is “black” on both the front and back of the vest and jacket. Even though it is all black for both items, hemp material is used for the vest, so it has a different texture to create some variation.