The original color model of G-SHOCK is faithfully reproduced! Also comes with replacement parts in the signature brand color.

1 year ago

G-SHOCK is an indispensable part of 90’s culture and is still loved as an eternal standard today. The initial color model of the 5600 series, which is an iconic model, will be reprinted on Saturday, October 9th in a style that is faithful to the original. We are sure this will be as popular as its original iteration.

Replicates the original with thorough attention to detail.

DWE-5600R-9JR     ¥25300

The revived model this time is the DW-5600C-9BV, which appeared as the first color model of G-SHOCK back in 1987. Not only the color scheme of the main body, but also the details such as the logo position of the dial and the color of each character and the liquid crystal display are reproduced the same as at the time of release. In addition, a replacement band with two brand colors and a replacement bezel are included in the set.

The main body and black & red replacement parts are wrapped in a special package.

Naturally, it features excellent functions that are useful outdoors, such as a shock-resistant structure, water resistance up to 20bar, and a detailed stopwatch function. The bright yellow will not only serve as a wristwatch, but will also be useful as a way to lighten up dark and heavy winter styling.