The keyword is “37.5”. Next-generation everyday wear that pursues comfort by using high-performance materials.

2 years ago

When I heard that an apparel label curated by Mr. Kondo would come out, I went to see it as soon as possible. Mr. Yurin Kondo, is a stylist who is very familiar with us here at GO OUT. This makes his new apparel label of great interest to all of us on a personal level.

However, as I learned about the concept and commitment to product creation, I was convinced that I should introduce “Kondo-san’s vision” to our readers. He is a master of the outdoors, and knows all about what is needed from clothing, so he has created high quality everyday wear that is perfect thanks to both the materials and design.

The new label is called Mellow People Architect which is a new line of the greater brand label Mellow People. Their aim is to develop “travel clothes” that can be worn seamlessly in the city or outdoors under the theme of “Trip Couture”.

This is a designer label that proposes a new basic that is not only about clothes, but also considering the people who wear them and the feeling that the clothes inspire.

The most notable thing is the selection of materials. The ideal core body temperature of the human body is 37.5 ° C, and the humidity that people feel comfortable with is 37.5%. All items are equipped with “37.5® technology”, which has a water absorption and quick-drying humidity adjustment function to maintain these two numerical values of “37.5”.

The secret of its functionality is the micro-active particles embedded in the material. When it’s hot, it evaporates quickly to keep you cool, and when it’s cold, it keeps you warm by working to keep your body from releasing heat.

It also has the function of preventing stuffiness by evaporating sweat before it liquefies, trapping odors, and releasing them during washing. In other words, it is a functional material that is the best match for the Japanese climate, which is hot, humid and has four distinct seasons.

On the other hand, the base of the design is rooted in outdoor and military. By achieving both a “standard sense of security” and “functions that are needed now”, they will develop 4 different items that bring an uplifting feeling to everyday life.

The “Cock Jacket”, is a military style cock jacket with a single button, becomes a Mao collar when the button is fastened to the top. A casual jacket that you can enjoy on or off. ¥ 30800

The “Snap Tee” has a minimalist design that seems to be useful indoors and outdoors from the field to everyday life. The stitch work on the chest is of note. ¥ 24200

“Double Knee Pants” with a work style inspired by climbing pants of the 90’s. Inseam gussets that can be opened 180 degrees and deeply designed back pockets are also important points. ¥ 19800

“Alpine 5 pocket Pants” realizes stress free comfort by adopting a pants pattern used for mountain climbing. Now that wide silhouettes are the mainstream, by making it slim, it gives a universal but rather fresh impression. ¥ 19800

The new label shines in making clothes that are close to the functions and comfort that are needed in daily life, without relying on unusual materials and designs. Rather than using loud and eye catching decorations and color patterns, the collection is unified in black.

We are very excited by this new collection that is centered around outdoor lovers.

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