This season’s Descente Allterrain is the first lineup to feature a Gore Tex vest!

2 years ago

From the high-spec down jacket “Mizusawa Down” that is synonymous with “DESCENTE ALLTERRAIN”, which boasts exceptionally high waterproofness and heat retention, to the first Gore-Tex adopted lightweight vest model we take a look at three new models that arrive this season.


The “GORE-TEX AMBIT” has adopted Gore-Tex material for the first time as Mizusawa down. Among the GORE-TEX product technologies, it is a high performance model that uses 30d ripstop nylon, which is lightweight and has excellent compactness, and is a completely new model with professional use specifications that can be used in various environments such as for outdoor activities.

Inside the jacket, a tag, which is a proof of the Gore-Tex adoption, is features along with the brand logo.



And this is also the first vest type called “DUALITY” in the history of Mizusawa Down. By adopting the heat-bonding non-quilt processing and seam tape processing that are the manufacturing method of Mizusawa down for the vest part, and by adopting the hard shell material with high water resistance for the removable arm part, it is possible to wear it in 3 different ways.

The arm part can be attached and detached by zip. It is a bonus that you can wear it according to the temperature.


In addition, this new “CREVASSE” is a lightweight model that suppresses feather volume and has a special foaming process on the back of the fabric. The heat insulating effect of the airtight air layer in the foam makes it possible to reduce the amount of feathers while increasing heat retention.

It excellently maintains heat retention while reducing weight. There are no details missed, such as the design of the zipper with a height that covers up to the neck.

In addition to the popular model “ANCOR” from the early days, including the conventional high-spec model “MOUNTAINEER” that represents the brand, the Descente Allterrain line has a wider variety of Mizusawa downs. Keep an eye on this seasons as well.

Both are on sale from October 8, 2021.