Post O’Alls relaxing coveralls that have changed completely thanks to the jewel beetle color and synthetic fiber batting.

2 years ago

Speaking of POST O’ALLS, they are well known for creating functional clothes that exude individuality and authenticity based on work, military, outdoor, etc., but sometimes they develop surprising and innovative products that will take you by surprise.

The coveralls they have announced this season are also edgy items that change the common image of so-called coveralls.

POST 42 DV ¥53900

This is a piece that gives off a unique color and luster that can be said to look metallic. They are based on the Post-O’Alls classic model “Post 42 DV”, which is known for wearing coveralls on coveralls due to the relaxed silhouette and has the nickname “relaxed-type coveralls”. This new unique version is made with polyester taffeta material in a color that resembles a jewel beetle found in Japan.

By incorporating the thin high-performance synthetic fiber batting ‘Thinsulate’, it has both heat retention and an exquisite balance that does not become bulky even when layering with other items.

It’s easy to get caught up in the novel colors and textures, but at the end of the day they are just coveralls. Of course, it inherits the details that are typical of popular workwear.

There are 3 colors in total. In addition to navy, they also have a lineup of brown and black.

By the way, it goes well with the classic Post O’Alls jacket the “OK Rider 2”, which has a similar feeling to coveralls. This is one of the best items for layering style.

This is the classic coverall model the “OK Rider 2”.