F / CE. × Digawell create collaboration down series featuring functional materials and urban colors.

2 years ago

The second collaboration down series from “F / CE.”, which creates items that are functional and of high quality by incorporating the world’s culture into clothing and bags, and “DIGAWEL,” a fashion brand that specializes in tailored items.

This project features a lineup of simple down outerwear and vests that are pays particular attention to the silhouettes. Both are sure to be useful as part of a wide range of activities from everyday wear in winter to outdoor scenes.

F/CE.×DIGAWEL Puffer Vest ¥41800

The outer material uses the original fabric “F / LIGHT” developed by F / CE that has both moisture permeability and water resistance. The lining is made of DIGAWEL’s original cupra, and has a high level of design. It has the same performance as high-quality rainwear, but it is surprisingly light and tough, and the spacious armholes allows you to layer with additional outerwear.

F/CE.×DIGAWEL Puffer Jacket ¥52800

The down jacket, which has an impressive minimalist design with the unnecessary parts removed and the colors unified, has a slightly different look from the vest by using a high-quality nylon material mixed with silk. By enlarging each part, they have focused on creating a rounded silhouette.

More than just a simple appearance, the details and hidden parts are irresistible for clothing lovers. It’s not just a winter clothes series, it’s made as a fashion item, and it’s a collaboration between popular brands, so it’s essential to check early while stock lasts.