The classic Relaxefit setup has been transformed for autumn / winter with ultra-thick ridge corduroy!

2 years ago

The latest version of the setup bespoke to select shop WE has arrived from the original label RELAX FIT developed by SUPER MARKET in Yutenji, which handles US used clothing and miscellaneous goods. They have adopted corduroy and updated this classic for autumn and winter.

The sold-out series is now made from warm corduroy.

RELAXFIT*WE NPIJ *Dark Brown     ¥25300

Made to fit well with the classic Relaxefit North Padre Island Pants, the denim version and nylon version released last year are made with ultra-thick ridge corduroy so that they can be worn even in winter. Since it is based on a French liner jacket, it is easy to use as a single item not just as a full body set up.

RELAXFIT*WE NPIP *Dark Brown     ¥18700

80’s-like flashy pattern thrift store beach pants are the standard of the original material. The waist can be easily adjusted with Velcro, and the back has thick rubber. Thanks to this, it achieves a comfortable fit that feels like easy pants. The heavy 3.5w extra-thick corduroy is for this bespoke collection only.

Both the top and bottom are One Size Fits Most = Fits most people. The jacket can be customized with velcro on the front.

A relaxing sized silhouette, warm textiles and a setup that makes you want to wear it not only for daily life but also when camping. If you wear a thick inner, you can use it comfortably even in the middle of winter, so it is very versatile.