Goldwin release a new urban style waterproof jacket that uses the latest material called “Partex® Shield”.

2 years ago

Goldwin create items for a wide range of scenes, including skiing, the outdoors, and daily life. Among their lineup, rainwear that is perfect to wear in the city has joined the “Lifestyle Collection” that connects the city and nature by fusing the technology and functional materials cultivated outdoors with fashionability.

Goldwin「B.I.H. Field Jacket」¥39600

Goldwin’s “B.I.H. Field Jacket” is a jacket made by finishing 3 layers of highly breathable waterproof material Partex Shield with full seam processing.

While creating a sporty impression with a soft luster and tangible texture, it is designed to be easy to wear in the city thanks to the slightly loose silhouette. It is available in two colors, navy and clay beige.

The waterproof material is fully seam processed, so it can be used in rainy weather. The hood fits comfortably when taken out or stored, and is a built-in hood that can be worn in two ways. You can easily take out the hood when it rains. In addition, the collar is slightly raised to ensure windproofness around the neck.

The tape on the back is also a strong accent to the design. Made of polypropylene, which is resistant against water, light and is durable, making useful for hanging on a hook to dry when it gets wet in the rain.

Since it comes with a staff sack, it is a jacket that can be carried for rain protection and cold protection like outdoor rainwear.