Foot The Coacher x Porter. A tough urban daypack created thanks to a prestigious collaboration between of footwear and bag brands.

2 years ago

The shoe brand FOOT THE COACHER, which was established in 2000 and is known for its high design and quality, and the world famous bag brand PORTER. A new bag that can be used in a wide range of scenes has appeared in the collaboration collection that both of these Japanese domestic brands have been continuing since 2010.

Realistic details and easy to use.

2-DAY PACK ¥69300

As the name suggests, the 2-DAY PACK, is a completely new work project that has the capacity to handle one night and two day trips. Thanks to the cushioned pockets, delicate gadgets such as laptops and tablets can be stored safely and securely.

In addition to the main compartment that opens spaciously, there is a mesh partition. Thanks to this, visibility is excellent and it is easy to organize small luggage.

DuPont’s cordura diamond rip nylon is used for the shell, achieving both overwhelming lightness and robustness. It’s a minimalist design that is easy to match with outfits, so it can be used from camping to business trips. It is also a great that it is hard to lose sight of small items due to the partition of the mesh.

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