Introducing a new rugged Hanten style down jacket from First Down.

2 years ago

“FIRST DOWN” has swept the streets of Japan since the 90’s and continues to produce down wear that can be used from outdoor activities to city living. Their products continue to evolve based on both classic and universal design, but this new collection is a unique new idea based on the theme of Japan.


Introducing the new down jacket made in the image of traditional Japanese clothing, called a Hanten. By attaching a front zipper, you can improve the cold protection by preventing the intrusion of wind from the front, and it uses high quality 700FP down. This unique and interesting design is also design with practical use in mind.

There are three colors to choose from, and in addition to the simple and sophisticated black, the bold bandana style print is eye catching. Unlike other down outerwear, it has the relaxing and comfortable feel of wearing a Hanten, so it seems to be just as useful to wear indoors, such as in a tent when camping or staying in a cottage.

The HANTEN DOWN JKT, which is a perfect fusion of Japanese traditional culture and functional beauty with modern technology, is now on sale at the official online store! Not only useful for outdoor scenes, but also for fashionistas who want to change their winter outerwear.