A new collaboration collection from Italian brand hLam and Descente that blends mode with technology.

2 years ago

Japan’s leading sportswear brand DESCENTE has released their second capsule collection with hLam from Italy. There is a total of 5 models such as pullover hoodies, tops, and mod coats that can be all be worn as a set up.

Functional clothing with an eye-catching sophisticated design.

Long sleeve T-shirt ¥ 26400

Established in 1998, hLam means dream in the Berber language, and they have a reputation for unique material usage, high production quality, and innovative manufacturing that has both classic and mode qualities. By teaming up with technical brand Descente since the summer, they have created a range of products that are perfect for boht city living and the outdoors.

Mod coat ¥ 52800

The classic item, the mod coat, is made of a laminated material with excellent water repellency, water pressure resistance, and moisture permeability. They have also adopted a para-hood system in which the hood appears when the zipper on the collar is opened, so that snow and rain do not collect on the hood achieving an undisputed level of functionality even when used outdoors.

Hoody sweatshirt ¥ 26400

Next is a pullover that can be worn with matching trousers made of the same material that features an exquisite mix of elegance and comfort. The polyester used expresses the texture of wool, but it is light and comfortable, contrary to its traditional looks. A zip is placed on the hem on the left side to ensure easy putting on and taking off.

Pants ¥ 26400

This new collection features a lineup that combines comfort and ease of movement with fashionability, including a top and bottom setup that brings out the feel of Primeflex material with excellent stretchability. It is on sale at UNITED ARROWS, L’ECHOPPE, DESCENTE BLANC, etc. so check it out!