The second BEAMS bespoke series from Columbia PFG is a functional jacket that can be expanded with a fishing vest.

2 years ago


オレゴン州ポートランド発の王道アウトドアブランドColumbia(コロンビア)から派生したフィッシング ライン「Performance Fishing Gear」。この通称「ColumbiaPFG」より、昨シーズン好評だったBEAMS(ビームス)別注が再び登場する。今回はジャケット、キャップ、ロングスリーブ T の3型がお目見え。


The Fishing line “Performance Fishing Gear” is derived from the classic outdoor brand Columbia from Portland, Oregon. From “Columbia PFG”, BEAMS bespoke order, which was popular last season, will reappear. This time, 3 types of jacket, cap and long sleeve T are available.




Gimmicks and graphics that appeal to fishers.

Jacket     ¥49500



The jacket that is the centerpiece of the bespoke series has been designed from the ground up. A removable fishing vest of the same material is attached, and they can be worn together or individually. The outer material is a jewel beetle-like GABA material that creates a unique luster and suppleness, and thanks to the original heat insulation of the lining, it’s incredibly warm.

Cap    ¥5390

長さ 8.5cm のバイザーが目を引くロングビル仕様のキャップはジャケットと共地のため、併用すればセットアップ的統一感をアピール可能。内側に取り入れた吸水速乾性に優れるフィールドセンサー®により、不快なベタつきを抑えているのがフィッシングラインらしい。


The long-bill cap, which has an eye-catching 8.5 cm long visor, is the same as the jacket, so you can wear them together as a set up. It seems that the fishing line suppresses unpleasant sweating by incorporating the field sensor ® inside, which has excellent water absorption and quick-drying properties.

Long Sleeve T-shirt    ¥7590

バックに描かれたブラックバスやビームス限定色のロゴが特徴の厚手ロンTのみ11月3日 (水)リリースで、ほか2アイテムは12月下旬発売予定。ともにビームス公式オンラインストアにて予約を受け付けているから、確実にゲットするならアクセスを。


Only the thick long sleeve T featuring the black bass and BEAMS limited color logo drawn on the back will be released on Wednesday, November 3, and the other two items will be released in late December. Both are available for pre order at the BEAMS official online store, so we recommend checking early to avoid missing out.