Sowbow’s edgy and modern Japanese ‘hanten’ outerwear made from houndstooth fabric.

2 years ago

“SOWBOW” is a Japanese domestic brand that focuses on the local industries in Kyushu and makes products that utilize traditional techniques that have been cultivated over a long period of time. They produce classic clothing for modern daily lives, and this season’s newest item is an original Japanese ‘hanten’, which has become a standard and popular item during winter.

A modern large sized original hanten made at “Miyata Orimono” in Chikugo City, Fukuoka Prefecture, using traditional printing methods to create the houndstooth pattern that is woven in multiple colors.

HANTEN ¥38500

This Hanten, which has been popular with the general public for a long time as a classic piece of Japanese wear, is made larger than the usual size. The unique rounded silhouette when worn is also a key characteristic.

This season, they have used a stylish design with a houndstooth pattern that gives a modern impression like a Glen Check at first glance.

The original houndstooth pattern made from Chikugo weave, which is woven into a multi-colored and modern taste using traditional board pressing print methods and threads such as pale pink and blue. Unlike the monotone color houndstooth that is often used in Japanese clothes, the multicolored design creates a soft and casual atmosphere.

The color variations available are “Black”, which has pale pink and blue hidden in-between the black and white, and “Morning Haze,” which is like an image of the fog in the morning. High-tech outerwear with functional materials is fine, but if you’re wanting something casual to pop out in for a bit, this traditional winter clothing will come in handy.