Featured collaboration between Rwche and Chaos Fishing Club, brought together by BEAMS T. Don’t miss out on this commemorative pop-up!

2 years ago

A triple collaboration with the theme of “LIFE IS VERY FUNNY” between Rwche and Chaos Fishing Club, a mysterious group that loves fishing and skateboarding, bespoke for BEAMS T, known for its unique ideas. A wide variety of items are planned to be released.

A wide range of items from clothing to outdoor gear.

A range of items made by Outdoor Products from one-touch tents, chairs, stainless steel bottles, and tote bags. Original graphics are drawn on each.

In commemoration of this project, they have opened a pop-up store at “Beams T Harajuku” from November 5th (Friday) to 14th (Sunday) with the theme of the outdoors, which is the common language of both brands. Not only clothing, but also one-touch tents and bottles made by OUTDOOR PRODUCTS will be on display.

A unique collaboration logo is included on all items that are ideal for modern outdoor adverntures, such as knit caps, hoodies, and sweatshirts.

On Saturday, November 6th, the second day of the event, there will be a special event bingo tournament hosted by Rwche and the Chaos Fishing Club. You can participate by purchasing related items, and you may get luxurious prizes such as items from Rwche, Chaos Fishing Club and BEAMS T.

If you win the Bingo, you will get a luxurious gift, including the Rwche Award, which is a set of multiple original items.

This is a unique collection that incorporates many special elements, such as pop graphics and a brand new collaboration logo. There is no doubt that outside enthusiasts, especially those into fishing, will be excited by this limited pop up collection, including the limited-time store.