Check out this sleeping bag for pets made by Nanga! A collaboration model with a veterinary hospital that help out with taking your dog camping in winter!

2 years ago

A pet dog is family to many people so taking them camping with you is something many people want. Many dog lovers actually enjoy camping with their dogs, but winter camps require protection against the cold. So I would like to introduce a sleeping bag for dogs made by Nanga. It is a collaboration model with a veterinary hospital.

Pet sleeping bag “NANGA x BAMBOO WORKS” W name ¥ 19800

A Nanga dog sleeping bag was first released in March 2020 and sold out in no time. Now, it will be revived in collaboration with the animal hospital “bamboo Pet Clinic” in Tokyo.

Available in two colors, beige x black and purple x navy, both are reversible.

This is the reverse form of the beige x black. The size is one size of W66 x D89 cm, which is just right for medium-sized dogs. For small dogs such as Chihuahuas and Miniature Poodles it can accommodate a couple of dogs.

When you reverse the purple x navy, it looks like this. It uses “AURORA-TEX®”, which has excellent water-permeable and moisture-proof performance, even for dogs. Fortunately, it is also washing machine OK!

When stored it’s Φ14 x length 33 cm. It has a compact tubular shape and is much more compact than a sleeping bag for humans. It’s a size that will not overly increase the amount of baggage you are carrying which is very convenient. The total weight including the storage bag has not been officially announced, but the batting is 200g.

The joint logo of Nanga x Bamboo Works looks great. It seems that the making of this product was not supervised by a veterinarian, but the fact that the quality is recognized enough to collaborate is great.



Outer material: AURORA-TEX®


Down feathers: Spanish duck down 80-20%

Filling amount: 200g

Size when used: W66 x D89 cm (ONE SIZE)

Stored size: Φ14 x L33 cm

It will be on sale at “Wanko nowa THE STORE” from November 1st (Monday). Don’t forget to check it out if you are a dog lover!